I am Sara Robles, a citizen of the world. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, I completed my university degree in Communication Sciences in El Salvador, followed this up with a  designer tools course in Panama, and have two Masters degrees under my belt, which I completed in the fantastic city of Barcelona, Spain.


When I’m not travelling, I call Germany home, and have dedicated my whole focus on a career revolving around my broad international vision. My goal is to help you with my  Social Marketing knowledge, to improve your business and/or your personal brand.

I have created, managed and subsequently developed Social Media strategies for several brands since 2004 with great quantitative and qualitative results.

Strategical planning and Communications + 3.0 tools integration:

  • Website, social media, Blog & bloggers, newsletter & promotional mailers.
  • Managing communities & communication in social media channels and assuring a lead growth percentage month-to-month in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Pinterest, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Youtube, Google+ among others.

Public Relations:

  • Worked with Porter Novelli (2003-2004) for LG Electronics
  • Rethos El Salvador (2005-2006) for the Health Ministerium

Other services provided:

  • Q&A and web improvements testing
  • Customer Care Strategies
  • Defining and implementing a monitoring system: Google alerts, SocialMention, Twitter Search, to name a few
  • Defining and implementing a metric system, KPIs and reporting for social media
  • Blogmarketing: Blogposting
  • Dynamizing relationship with bloggers & brand

With my varied experiences, I’m here to give you unique and powerful information with a human touch…

I look forward to hearing from you! Click here to contact me.

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